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Yo, hoy.

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Jim’s eyes flick furtively up to the rearview mirror.  Aw.  Pouty. 

I could take him anywhere right now, Jim thinks. 

He looks as tired as I feel.

And he’s thinking too hard to remember not to trust cabbies.

Eyes back on the street. 

All that planning, wouldn’t do to get us both killed in a taxi.

A press of a button, advertisement chatter.

Oh, I’ve annoyed him now.  Jim smirks around the gum between his teeth.  Oops.

He can hear the static, and it’s everything he can do to contain what feels like glee.

Wait for it…


Jim blows through a traffic light, keeping the car moving, gaze darting up to the mirror just in time to catch the shock in Sherlock’s eyes.      

‘Are you ready for the story?’

Sherlock’s already entranced.  Ensnared.  Same difference.

Jim smiles faintly.

Are we entertained yet, darling?

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Love letters in Verona

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Love letters in Verona

#february 5

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#febrero 4

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Zoom ~ oye mi deseo… luna.

~ oye mi deseo… luna.

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Angels (Love Thy Brother Remix) - The xx

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